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Step Two -- General Information

In order to create a customized training program that is designed just for YOU, we need some general information about you, your health and your current exercise level.  This information is confidential -- please answer each question to your best knowledge so that we can provide you with the very best program to help you reach your goals.  For example, if you currently lead a sedentary lifestyle, that's okay but please be sure to indicate that in the Current Exercise Regimen section below.


Date of Birth:     Month    Day    Year      

Weight: pounds

Height: Feet  Inches        



What Are Your Personal Goals? 

To lose weight ?      If Yes ThenHow Much?    

Lose inches ?          

Tone up and enhance muscle definition?

Gain more strength?      

Maintain current weight and muscle tone?

Increase stamina and cardiovascular performance?

How many hours per week are you realistically willing to devote to exercising?

Other Goals?

If fitness goals are for a specific event (e.g. Wedding), provide the event's date, etc.:

Note: If you have other information that you think is important for your coach to know when designing your personalized program, you will have the opportunity to provide more details via e-mail. You will be provided an e-mail address in your enrollment welcome communication.

Medical History: (please select ALL that apply)

Been seen by a physician in the past 12 months

Currently pregnant

Diagnosed with heart disease

Had a stroke

Have arthritis

Have diabetes

Previous allergic reaction to exercise

Currently taking medication for chronic condition

         What is the medication for?      


Recent fracture, sprain or dislocation

Other conditions we should know about (please specify):

Cleared by a physician to exercise

Given birth in the past 6 months

Had a heart attack

Have high blood pressure

Have asthma

Experienced seizures

Previous chest pain or numbness

Currently have a cold or influenza

Recently had surgery



Current Exercise Regimen  -- please select ANY exercises that you currently participate in. Or, if you currently aren't doing any exercise but have worked out consistently in the past 3-4 months, indicate what you were doing.

  Mark which information you are providing:   

Current routine Past routine (within 3-4 months) 


  Cardiovascular Training    
  Type (Check applicable) Frequency Session Length Average Pace
  Jog   MPH
  Swim  Not applicable
  Step or Hi/Lo Aerobics  Not applicable
  Kickbox  Not applicable
  Other (please specify)    
  Strength Training Frequency Average Weight Size  
  Weight Machines  
  Mind/Body Frequency Session Length  

Fitness Equipment: (select ALL equipment that you either own or have access to):

Treadmill Dumbbells
Resistance Band Step for Step Aerobics
Exercise Stability Ball (highly recommended!) Jump Rope
Elliptical Bike
Bosu Weighted Bar
Home gym Barbell

Access to fitness club    

     Does it offer aerobics classes?

Other equipment   

     (please specify)


Release of Liability

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