NumberOneMe DVD

David Berger has been coaching individuals to better health and fitness for over a decade. His empathy, knowledge, experience and motivating attitude are the reasons for so many success stories in weight loss and fitness achievements. Now David is here to coach you to success!

The NUMBER ONE ME™ DVD is personal training on your TV. David comes into your home to coach you to success! You will make progress by following Dave in over 45-body weight only exercises and through 9 heart pounding strength circuits. Each progression requires no equipment to buy, no waiting for a machine, and no worries that you will be doing something incorrectly. Simply using your body effectively while maximizing your time, in the convenience of your living room is a sure way get through your excuses.


Number One Me is your solution! Expert Fitness Coach David Berger trains you how to reach your Persnal Best in fitness and in life. This one-of-a-kind personal training DVD will coach you literally from a chair to elite athlete exercises.

Incredible Value! Taking you through 9 levels of body-weight only exercise circuits, David will guide you through correct form, mechanics and breathing in over 45 exercises. Each exercise progression is detailed with how many sets and repetitions to perform and when to move to the next level. The Number One Me DVD brings a world class personal trainer into your home for pennies a session. See how far you can go!

Hire David as your Personal Coach! Now you can get quality personal training over the web with David Berger. Click here to learn more about this incredible new way to reach your goals!

No more guessing. No more uncertainty. No more barriers. Just Results!