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Host an FNO with Fitness Coach David Berger!

An FNO is a group personal training experience to discover how much fun a night of exertion can be. You and your friends will participate and learn a 30-minute exercise routine and gain valuable insights into how to keep your well-being the top priority. FNO host will receive up to three-free coaching practices*.

  • Invite up to 15 of your friends and neighbors to learn the key exercises to changing your body. David will coach everyone on correct form, the right way to breathe, the sequence of exercise, and how to keep pushing yourself forward.

  • Lose weight, tone up, get stronger, gain more energy, and feel better about yourself- Exercise is the answer- and the right exercise brings results! The FNO will help everyone in your group realize their fitness potential.

  • Need some motivation? After your action learning David will provide your group with strategies that will keep everyone working towards their personal best. He will answer all of your questions about nutrition, exercise and how to keep moving forward.

  • Upon confirmation of your FNO date you will be forwarded a party outline and information to include in your E-vite to send to your friends.
Fun, free and fit–astic!

*Personal Coaching practice level may be in-home, phone, or web-based depending on FNO host location and proximity within Progressive Fitness Coaching. Practice level to be determined by David Berger and Progressive Fitness Coaching, LLC