Exercast™ Personal Video Coaching

David Berger's one-of-a-kind video personal coaching, or Exercast™ coaching, is the most effective and affordable fitness training avaiable! You will get your own Exercast™ web page, updated each month with the exact exercises and training to reach your goals.

Get started by completing your personal profile. Once submitted and enrolled you will be contacted within 48-hours to get your program started. Then each month your training progress will be reviewed and updated to keep you advancing your well-being. Each Exercast™ (approx. 10-minutes) will detail for you what body parts the exercise will work, exactly how the exercise should look and feel and when to progress to the next level.

Login to your Exercast™ page anywhere to keep your progress moving forward. This is the most effective and affordable personal fitness training available. The coaching is coming directly from ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and 2009 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Nominee David Berger. Safe, trusted, and effective. This is Your Quest for Personal Best!

Get started now!